"Bernice is a magical and inspirational being. Her devotion to elevating others through presence of beauty compels each of us to answer the divine call within."

-Alessandra Filippi, Germany

"Bernice is the best poet who expresses the soul and its essence perfectly. I am in love with her poetry and persona. She is very evolved and aware, and brings out the best in every soul by connecting to the ultimate reality each of us can relate to--a very special  and rare capability.

--Praneeth Dixit, India

"Bernice is like a mother to the world; sharing and caring, giving all her love and divine light unconditionally for the greatest good of all involved.

-Pryajit Das, India

"Bernice Angoh is a fountain of wisdom. She is inspiration personified. The poignant simplicity of her work keeps the reader captivated right to the very last word. The way she expresses life and LOVE is magical. Reading her works always leaves me wondering how many thousands of lives she has lived before this one."

-Jaynie L'ange, USA

"Bernice Angoh is the Maya Angelou of our generation!"

--Sharon Fonge, USA

"Bernice's words are from beyond any imagination. She speaks out my soul."

-Dag Pulawska, Canada

“Bernice is love personified. Her writings on love, the Divine and humanity are so deep that it transforms the reader in so many ways. Her words uplift and soothe the soul, they provide a guide to those who are ready to grow spiritually.”

--Otto B. Isong, Cameroon

Bernice is the queen of passion.

--Dawn Anderson, USA