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"Our final destination lies within. It is not a journey of a thousand miles; there are no distances to cross. You have arrived!"

~Bernice Angoh



Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Bernice Angoh is an award-winning poet, author, mystic & transformational coach. She is also an editor & publisher at PAPERHEARTBOOK.

Dubbed "Rumi-woman Incarnate" and "Goddess of love", her raw, poignant, soul-tugging, shamanic and healing writing is both alchemical and transcendental. Ms. Angoh began writing at the ripe young age of 10, a gift which evolved over time to include themes of mysticism and metaphysics.

Her work has been featured in several anthologies, and her articles published both online and in print. She is a contributing author to very prestigious literary works including one of the largest book franchises in the world, Chicken Soup For The soul.


Unbecoming You, Living in the Flow: Demystifying manifesting & co-creating a life of ease, Dear Me: Love letters to my inner child & Ananda are a few of her bestselling books. Ms. Angoh  is currently  working on a poetry series and a children's book series. Her previous poetry books include Lemonade street and When a Woman Loves A Man.

Ms. Angoh spends her time enjoying nature, dancing, creating & spending time with her loved ones.


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