Bernice Angoh

Author of Unbecoming You, Living in the dream, Ananda and many more...


Poet, Author, Mystic


Bernice Angoh’s Latest Releases

"Bernice Angoh's poetry contains all: it contains love, it contains prayer, it contains meditation, and much more. All that is divine, all that is beautiful, all that can take you to the transcendental, is contained in her work and poetry.

Her poetry is not just poetry, when she writes there is a creation of communion between you and existence - direct and immediate; when you are suddenly possessed by the Whole, where you disappear as a separate entity and the Whole starts speaking through you, starts dancing through you; where you become a hollow bamboo and the Whole transforms you into a flute."

-Guarav Singh, India

"Simply put, I've not read anything so richly infused with pure talent and an intelligent organization of words in the English language since I read the writings of the likes of Chinua Achebe, a world- renowned Nigerian Author."

--Blossom Nkanga, USA


"Bernice is the embodiment of truth and virtue. Her ideas and ideals crisscross the very core of our essence. Her words magnify the vibrations that resonate in times of peace and love -and it is for this reason, she is being acclaimed, one of Cameroon's most ingenious poets.”

--Roland Fomundam, Cameroon

"Bernice writes with unflinching soul-stirring passion and incisive poetic harmony, harnessing humanistic perspectives - weaving and interlinking our common human impulses and experiences in relatable and easy to digest prose. As we reflect, we are irredeemably inspired and refreshed.”

--Nna Emeka, USA