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"I've had the privilege to have Bernice as my mentor, spiritual coach and a really good friend. I always turn to her for advice/help when feel under-stress or if something is bothering me inside and she always helps me out with her lovely words and wonderful advice, which to me has always been very helpful and gets me out of that stressful state almost immediately at most times and after a small while, other times. She is very approachable and always understands the core of my problems so she can give me the best advice. I would highly recommend Bernice as a spiritual coach."

-Z. Ali, U.K

"The simplicity with which Bernice presents spiritual matters strikes a chord within the heart of every demographic, confirming the knowledge we all are connected and share similar issues. In the simplest of ways, she taught me how to let go, not just let go, but let go with love. That way, you get love right back on its purest form. I used to take what she told me with a pinch of salt until I started to see how the universe unraveled itself before my eyes very quickly confirming it's not rocket science and it's accessible to all with an open mind. She made me understand the magic to all of this is 'love'. Her message on love and forgiving gave me the transformation I desperately needed, and has now become a constant in my daily life. Our conversations felt like she was reading my mind and "yes!", "yes!", "yes!" almost became my mantra. One of the deepest truths I learned from Bernice that has stuck with me is "what you see is a reflection of you" which accentuated the power of thought and visualization."

-Elizabeth N., USA

"You are a beautiful blessing to this world. I am really grateful to you from the core of my heart for being an amazing wonderful source of inspiration and motivation. With your company, I have become more and more positive, confident and strong. I feel blessed that I met you and life changed lovingly. Your prayers and blessings for my friends even worked successfully. Thank you Bernice for everything."

-S. Arora, India

"Bernice is a magical and inspirational being. Her devotion to elevating others through presence of beauty compels each of us to answer the divine call within."

-Alessandra R., Germany

"The compassionate motherly love that I always get from you and the way you listen, lending your caring heart, mind and body and giving your all for the welfare of all involved is incomparable and is in itself is such a blessing as more than half the healing is done there and there as i see it and experienced it too.

The noble work you are doing here now if i have to sum up , I fumble to find the right adjective and the correct words for it as it's beyond words and I am speechless ...

All I can say is that you're just like a mother to the world; sharing and caring, giving all your love unconditionally for the greatest good of all involved.

Sending you loads and loads of love, light and blessings .....carry on and keep spreading the divine light of love and compassion , the world needs more such angels like you here now."

-P. Das, India

"When you come to Bernice Angoh with any life complications she is skilled and ready to advise you on just the right common sense advice. Thank you Bernice for your great messages of love for ourselves and others, most of all thank you for being a prime example of all the beautiful teachings you bless us with!  Thank you for the love and blessings that you have poured into my life."

-Yvrose M., USA

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