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Twin flame manifestation

Bernice Angoh

The Love Alchemist

A healer is one who, having healed themselves, is able to guide you to the realization of the healer within yourself. That said, truly, there is nothing to heal; we are already whole. What we need is a shift in consciousness, a change in perception in order to see with new eyes. There are no rules, no techniques, no secrets, only SELF-realization and being. There are no quick fixes either; it is a process, much like a journey, from ‘way out there’ to ‘in here'- back to the heart from where we sometimes tend to stray.

Self-realization is a delicate process and in the hands of an intuitive and compassionate guide, everyone blossoms. Much of what it is, is an unbecoming; a process of unlearning in order to unclog and defog all that we’ve been taught. A guide creates a safe space for you to unburden, unlearn, unveil and un-become what years of conditioning has caused to make you stray from your own unique path. You are here to experience the full spectrum of human emotions; though some are more challenging than others, each of them serves a purpose and it is to your advantage to find that out.

I offer you the gift of love and discovery.

The only magic is Love. The only love is You!

Areas covered include:

Love, Relationships & Beyond.

Dealing with Pain: Break-Ups, Divorce & Death.

Creating the Life You Envision; a Life of Fulfillment.




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development. 

All sessions must be paid in advance (with certain exceptions).  Please contact us for any personal queries

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