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We specialize in providing you with expert services on all aspects of book publishing


We Fix All Errors

​No matter how talented you are as a writer, a well edited book makes a huge difference between having a book that sells well and one that flops. Our goal is to present the best book while keeping the writer's voice authentic and intact. We turn your manuscript into a polished product ready for print. Here are some of the duties we provide:

  • Structural and line editing

  • Correcting spelling and grammar

  • Improve pacing, flow, rhythm, plot and characters 

  • Re-wording sentences or whole sections for stylistic improvement

  • Organize the manuscript for greatest impact, clarity, and readability


Your Book Will Shine

​Formatting your book's interior is almost as important as editing it. Having a great layout improves your book's readability. It's the way the book looks: 

  • the font used

  • the margins

  • the line spacing

  • the paragraph styles

  • page numbering

A great book cover is what the readers see first. We work closely with you, the author, to present a great cover design that captures the essence of your words.


You Have Written & Published Your Book, Now What?

Presenting your book to the world is exciting, but also very technical. Reaching your target audience and getting your book into the hands of potential readers is of the utmost importance. We can help expose your books to an engaging audience of over 100,000 readers & potential buyers.

  • Write a review

  • Blog about your book

  • Create short videos to post on social media 

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What some of our clients have to say

"The book editing service was amazing! Bernice is prompt and knowledgeable in what she does. She took my idea, and made it into a beautiful masterpiece. She does what she says she is going to do, and then some. I didn't have to worry about anything during the process. I am highly satisfied with my service and will definitely be returning to her again for any future editing needs that I may have."

--Khiana Gray Wyatt-Locus

"A wonderful acknowledgement to my editor Bernice Angoh. I am blessed to have a person that has experienced her own awakening and so effortlessly interpreted and brought life to my book."

--Ron Ario

"Working with Bernice has been marvelous. She's professional, courteous, prompt and does exactly what she says she will do. When I got the final copy of my book, it was beyond incredible. She is amazing at what she does, she understands how to make a book shine."

--Georgina N.

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